Our Philosophy

All About Us

Shahz Nailz uses only the best techniques for each individual client, by focusing on natural nail integrity and practicing safe techniques. The goal is to enhance the natural nail, and with each service, to promote nail growth, and health to ensure the best result each time. The products and methods used are technical and gentle, which causes no damage to the natural nail, and will instead leave you with beautiful and healthy nails.


On top of a high level of technical ability, the salon also offers a warm and relaxing environment. With a wide selection of colours, designs, and concepts, the possibilities are endless! Shahz Nailz loves to push the bounds of creating a beautiful set, by being skilled in a wide array of nail shapes, structures and nail art designs.


The salon offers products that are MMA-free, non-toxic, 7-free, cruelty-free, and will cause no damage to the natural nail. The salon is equipped with high standards of hygiene, and sanitation, where hospital-grade disinfectant and chemo sterilant are used to ensure a clean and safe environment.

Shahz - Award Winning Manicure Specialist

Shahina is known for her incredible technique as a manicure specialist, but also as an educator. As a  mother, a dreamer and an achiever, she has inspired a new wave of nail technicians to approach manicuring with the level of passion and craftsmanship as she. Shahina has been trained by world-class educators and artists, where she has since won the Nail Salon category of The Montreal Nail & Beauty Awards in 2019.

As an educator, Shahina strives to teach nail technicians to reach their full potential, by taking their natural skill sets to the next level. By cultivating their talent, Shahina seeks to bring out the best in each one of her students, by providing them with a clinal, technical, and hygienic forward approach.

Our Mission

Shahz Nailz was founded in 2015, by the passion and innovation of Shahina. Shahina has geared her approach toward the technical process of manicures and beauty services. Shahz Nailz prides itself on offering quality service that suits the needs of each individual client. By seeking to use their technical skill, analysis and thorough passion for their work, the results offered at the end are truly unmatched. The services provided include deep attention to detail, and a relaxing and comforting environment, where you can sit back, and trust that the outcome will be a quality result.


Shahz Nailz was created with passion, and a dedication to the technical and clinical approach to the craft of manicuring. The idea is to take the natural nail, and with a combination of skill, technique, and the appropriate products, to enhance the nail at a naturally healthy state. The procedure is done by gently analyzing the state of the nail, and to encourage natural growth with no damage to the natural nail.

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